AMP Blocks

Media Split Block

Why AMP?
Watch for the Latest Developments in AMP

Here’s an example of a nested paragraph in the AMP Media Split Block.

Testimonial Block

Joe Smith
WordPress Expert

I’m seriously impressed with the speed and flexibility of Accelerate. This theme is an e-commerce powerhouse.

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Title Block

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed tristique tincidunt augue ullamcorper ultricies. Curabitur lectus felis, dapibus non vulputate id, imperdiet a tellus. Sed id cursus ex, quis aliquam tellus. Aenean imperdiet, dolor nec tincidunt sagittis, nisl lectus elementum velit, in molestie lacus nibh et neque. Integer sollicitudin dolor dolor. Duis ultricies a orci non feugiat. Vivamus tempus tempor euismod. Suspendisse potenti. Sed ac augue quis arcu mattis rutrum. Quisque sed sapien non leo euismod semper vitae sed enim. Quisque commodo, risus ac accumsan viverra, justo ex ultrices augue, ut semper nulla erat vitae metus. Vivamus vehicula lacus a ullamcorper consectetur. Vivamus vel vulputate urna, consectetur ultricies justo. Quisque cursus pharetra vulputate.

AMP Call to Action Block

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This is an example of an AMP CTA Block

Put your compelling copy here. This is a versitle AMP block that allows you to create a call to action with a link or a popup form.

Basic AMP Block with Popup

This is a basic AMP building block. You can style it anyway you want. Add links/buttons, etc. Add a drop shadow, change the backgrond color. Choose your text alignment, font style/size/color.

Popup Button
This is an AMP Popup Block

Add in your copy here. If you want the fastest WooCommerce site and all the benefits of native AMP then buy Accelerate today!

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Stephan Spencer
SEO Expert

You need to go AMP because you need a screaming fast website, not for just SEO but also conversion. You will tank your conversion if your site is slow loading. Which is why I’m so excited about Accelerate Pro. It’s the best native AMP WooCommerce solution that I’ve seen.

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